The eyes are the windows to the soul as they say.

Having brows that beautifully frame your eyes and face can enhance your appearance.

With brow icons such as Cara Delevigne, it’s no wonder many people are catching onto the power of the eyebrow!

Total Brow is based in Perth and offers expert brow styling services. Total Brow can transform your face by providing you with a brow makeover which includes

An eyebrow makeover includes a facial consult, waxing, tinting, shaping, tweezing & trimming to leave you with the best brows possible.

Not only are they handy with our wax when it comes to shaping and styling your brows, but they also provide other waxing services which include:

  • Arm waxing
  • Bikini/Brazilian
  • Facial waxing
  • General waxing
  • Men’s waxing

If your brows are in need of a little TLC, Total Brow can most certainly step up to the plate. Come and discover the difference beautiful, groomed eyebrows can make to your face!