No need for nerves

We treat our patients with great care and professionalism, no matter how nervous or reluctant you are to be in the chair. We allow you the time you need to feel good about your treatment, and comfortable while we perform it. We have created an environment where the reception area will feel more like a lounge room, our dental chair is comfortable with the option of watching Netflix with Bose headphones during treatment or relaxing with a cooling eye mask while enjoying the calming aromatherapy, flowing through the clinic for the ultimate, relaxing experience. We welcome our patients to arrive a little early to their appointments as we have a luxe massage chair, delicious Nespresso coffees and relaxing herbal teas ready for your enjoyment. We pride ourselves on our high level of care and service.

Less is more

Our conservative approach to enhancing oral health ensures our patients can sustain the improvements they achieve. For optimal, long lasting results we support our patients in formulating clear and structured treatment plans, combining general dental with cosmetic and dermal treatments as required.

Great results are pointless if they don’t last which is why we make it our mission to help our patients not only achieve, but also to maintain pristine dental health. We do this by informing you of holistic lifestyle choices that can affect your dental and dermal health, allowing you to stay infection and decay free.

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